Yine, yeni, yeniden...

Lise yıllarındayken bir blogum vardı. Php + Mysql kullanarak yazmıştım. Zaman içerisinde araya giren önceliklerden dolayı pek üstüne düşememiştim eskidi gitti.

Bu kez Jekyll altyapısı kullanarak yazmaya çalışacağım.

Hoşça kalın.

A long time ago -when I was going to go high school- I had been writing about different topics but mostly technology related.

Now, I decided that writing again about various topics that interest me. I will often write about encountered problems and solutions, new learned technologies, some tricks…

Sometimes It might be only Turkish or only English or sometimes both of them like this :)

In the meantime, I may make some spelling mistakes and expression inconsistencies. Thank you for your tolerance.

By the way, I have made this application by using Jekyll.

In the next post, I will explain how to use it.


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